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Synonyms for etiquette

Synonyms for etiquette

socially correct behavior

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rules governing socially acceptable behavior

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Insisting upon observance of ethics and etiquette at work place Dr Sabir said that ethical behaviour inspires healthy and inter-active communication, honesty and integrity among staff and students of the university.
As a serving corp member, I have been privileged to study youths, hence, I came to a saddening conclusion that most youths lack basic morals and etiquettes such as greeting and being respectful etc.
A little display of etiquettes might go a long way in favoring them; someone might just help them because they exhibit morals and ethics like being respectful and trustworthy.
In essence, ethics as a moral principle helps govern a person's behavior while etiquette entails behaving in a socially acceptable manner.
Handshake and greeting etiquettes ( differ  around the world.
Post is author and spokesperson for the Emily Post Institute, an organization that specializes in etiquette training.
She said that there are few widely accepted taboos surrounding Smartphone behaviour, but that some standard of etiquette is developing.
Tarekh Alishmeri, a well-known teacher in this discipline, will take the children through a four-week schedule to impart knowledge about etiquettes and highlight elements of social interaction.
The first week will be focused on teaching children to take care of themselves and will include cleanliness of self and home, politeness, table manners, besides etiquettes of communicating with parents and teachers.
DKV & Eton Institute Announce a FREE Ramadan Etiquette & Cultural Awareness Workshop:
Summary: Eton Institute is offering a FREE Arabic course and Ramadan etiquette sessions during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.
The 60 minute course on Business Etiquette describes how nurturing relationships at work could help one attain professional stardom.
To know more about the 'Etiquette Trilogy' courses, please visit
The company provides courses in three different fields; oil and gas related courses, health and safety courses and etiquette and lifestyle courses.
Talking about introducing the courses in etiquette and life-style in the Sultanate, she said, Eoe1/4EoEvery society has a different level of etiquette.