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Another found that ethicists and political science professors voted at the same rate as did nonethicist philosophers and professors in departments other than philosophy.
A similar situation occurs when the ethicist is working as part of a larger project in which funding for the ELSI researcher's position comes from, and is administered by, the project's PI.
Neither chaplains nor clinical ethicists can claim a monopoly on expertise in their principle areas of service and focus--spirituality and ethical decision-making, respectively.
Kass, a University of Chicago ethicist who is also a vocal opponent of embryonic stem cell research.
There have been a number of occasions in which I have heard ethicists pronounce opinions that made me shudder: "And he is an ethics expert--heaven help us
However, more traditional ethicists, including the Catholic Church, oppose the compromise arguing it means cloned human beings will be created for the express purpose of killing them for their organs thus turning them into "mere organ sources," LifeSite Daily News reported.
Some ethicists are concerned that the technology will eventually be used for choosing physical characteristics, such as eye color or height.
When a high-powered committee of British ethicists considered this possibility in the early 1990s it took the view that any child created by such a procedure would not be able to come to terms with the idea of deriving from aborted fetal tissue.
THE OLD GREEK GODS were not, to put it mildly, practising ethicists, nor did they show any interest in the subject.
A backlash seems to be developing against the sometimes-loose ethical codes of the late 1990s, as writer Greg Millman found in a series of interviews with top finance executives and business professors and ethicists.
In diagnosing the present I shall outline some of the key issues as we consider what some ethicists perceive as eugenic dangers and also promises for genetic therapies.
Lublin of Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, clinicians, statisticians, ethicists, and regulators debated the issues and developed recommendations.
Some Western ethicists believe that the deformed fetus does have such rights before and after birth.
Even today, there are troublesome cases that keep regulators, doctors and ethicists up all night.
The argument at the moment is that as there aren't enough surgeons to go round, there definitely isn't enough cash to pay for clinical ethicists.