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For their part, ethicists must recognize that programming a machine requires the utmost precision, which will require them to sharpen their approach to ethical discussions, perhaps to an unfamiliar extent.
The second chapter presents a history of the movement: notably, Sanford finds that conventional virtue ethicists of all varieties (neo-Humean, neo-Aristotelian, and the like) are all quite willing in a few rare circumstances to set aside moral absolutes, a striking affinity with the consequentialism Anscombe condemned.
It is both a blessing and a curse that Christian ethicists are never completely satisfied with the world as it is.
Christian ethicist Jean Bethke Elshtain, a scholar who shaped national conversations on war and peace from her perch at the University of Chicago, died Aug.
Professors remain far short of ideal by either measure, ethicists no less so than others," they added.
The dependence for funding places ethicists in the untenable position of deciding between pursuing the ethical inquiry and risking their career, or ignoring the moral problem and compromising their professional integrity.
Both chaplains and clinical ethicists can serve as patient advocates, assist with advance care planning, facilitate communication and reduce conflicts among various stakeholders, and refer patients, families, and staff to other organizational resources after identifying their needs.
Ethicist Margaret Somerville of McGill University is concerned about the threat posed by terrorists and tyrants with whom we have fundamental value conflicts, and by the new techno-science: genetics, reproductive technologies, artificial intelligence, and nano-technology.
Some ethicists acknowledge that allowing an organ market is a radical solution, fraught with the ethical pitfalls inherent in commodifying body parts.
This realization has allowed modern day ethicists to resolve the traditional debate between objectivists and subjectivists.
The growing gulf between patients requiring organ transplants and the number of persons willing to give them is spurring some ethicists to call for new--and sometimes radical--ways to encourage donations.
In calling for full health disclosure, Chairwoman Leslie Conejo joined a growing chorus of ethicists and political analysts who said Gallegly's most recent announcement raises more questions than it answers.
From just these few examples one can't help but conclude--as ethicists, including J.
support of programs for environmental scientists to work with ethicists and policy makers to fully consider the regulatory implications of our scientific advances in environmental health.
Pope John Paul II's statement about the moral obligation to feed and hydrate patients who are in a "persistent vegetative state" has caused a flurry of questions among health care providers, ethicists, and families alike--and no easy answers have been reached yet.