Ethel Waters

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United States actress and singer (1896-1977)


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Concert: "Careless Love: Ethel Waters, Annette Hanshaw & Bessie Smith at Columbia"
Patton also makes insightful use of the Ethel Waters autobiography, His Eye Is on the Sparrow (1951) to examine the boundaries between white and black space in the culture.
African rituals of body painting were at least another tradition, in addition to colonial racial conceptions and the influence of American culture from A1 Jolsen to Ethel Waters, that led to different meanings of blackface.
Two old musicals of note were Vincent Minnelli's 1943 ``Cabin in the Sky'' with Ethel Waters, Lena Horne, Eddie ``Rochester'' Anderson and Louis Armstrong, and ``Stormy Weather,'' with Horne and Bill Robinson, with performances by Fats Waller, Cab Calloway and the dancing Nicholas Brothers.
In 1933, Ethel Waters stunned theatergoers with "Suppertime," a ballad that was explicitly linked to the death of a lynching victim, in Irving Berlin's As Thousands Cheer.
Up in Harlem, Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, and Ethel Waters were "in the life" with varying degrees of openness.
After his dance career ended,Reed turned to choreography and producing, working in- house at Harlem's CottonClub for Cab Calloway,Duke Ellington, Ethel Waters and Billie Holliday.
It was actually a mix of r&b and jazz, featuring artists like the Ink Spots, the Five Blind Boys, Ethel Waters, Andy Kirk's Band, Cab Calloway, and many others from the Chitlin' Circuit who emulated the sounds of the white musicians.
But only eight years after Scottsboro broke, Ethel Waters was asked
Starring Ethel Waters and Julie Harris, her first play became a huge hit on Broadway.
Their successes ride on the hardships of Black entertainment pioneers such as filmmaker Oscar Micheaux, actors Clarence Muse, Paul Robeson and Ethel Waters, singers Billy Eckstine and Lena Home, and musicmakers Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake.
Anecdotes about Irving Berlin, James Thurber, Bessie Smith, Al Jolson, and Ethel Waters, to name just a few of the dozens and dozens of individuals we meet in these pages, are deftly used to illustrate Douglas's larger arguments.
Black-oriented prime-time network series date back over 40 years, with Beulah (1950-1953), the sitcom about a chubby maid that starred Ethel Waters.
The author's first play, it was marked by exceptional performances by Julie Harris, Ethel Waters, and young Brandon DeWilde.
Managed by Grime Lords Entertainment (Cam'ron, Diplomats), Yonkers born and bred J-Skaytz is also the great-grandson of the legendary actress/blues singer Ethel Waters.