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Essays cover liturgy and mythic history in The Marvels of Rome; the identity of the Eternal City through visual art, monumental inscription, and the Mirabilia; the Jewish experience of Rome in the 12th century; an assessment of the political symbolism of the City of Rome in the writing of John of Salisbury; Rome in Arabic and Persian Medieval literature; and an imagined city.
True to form, Woody Allen delivers a beautiful homage to the eternal city.
The second part describes the overlapping political and religious uses of the Eternal City during Italian unification in the nineteenth century.
The Brit multihyphenate will make the trek to the Eternal City to tubthump "Wallander," the BBC detective skein in which he plays the titular character and which he also produced.
It's debatable whether microwave pizza really counts as traditional Italian cuisine, but there are unquestionably advertising cliches in flogging the stuff that are as timeless as the Eternal City or its interminable traffic jams.
Phil Scolari's side will be hoping this isn't their final visit to the Eternal City in the competition this season as the final is being played there in May.
Drawing on recent findings in archaeology, art history, and the history of religion, Mosaics in the Eternal City explores the influence of pagan, Jewish, and Christian traditions on civic identity and public art, as well as the repercussions of religious and political conflicts and the demographic shifts in Rome over time.
Each contributed uniquely to our understanding of "The Eternal City.
We've lined up a bargain break in the Eternal City specially for readers.
My prayer is that he be invited to Rome, and there in the Eternal City to preach the annual retreat for the members of the curia working at the Vatican.
As some three million people took their leave of the Eternal City under the dark skies, Rome seemed to be weeping for the man from a far country who had said during his installation in 1978 that he was "now a Roman.
This year's observance, though scaled down, reflecting the current grim realities of the city, will also mirror the wishes of this hopefully eternal city for the resurrection that always comes at the end of each Lenten season.
Yet despite its squeamishness towards the contemporary, the Eternal City does seem to be loosening up a bit, witnessed by the recent completion of Renzo Piano's concert hall complex (AR May 2003) and Meier's Jubilee Church (AR April 2004), with Zaha Hadid's new Contemporary Arts Centre still to come.
Academic, artistic, and historic programs will be included, plus the unparalleled sights and life-style of the Eternal City.
Travel to the eternal city, Rome, with college student Laura Patterson as she embarks on an art history course peppered with the lives and loves of Italian Romeos and chefs.