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and others ('et al.' is used as an abbreviation of 'et alii' (masculine plural) or 'et aliae' (feminine plural) or 'et alia' (neuter plural) when referring to a number of people)

and elsewhere (used when referring to other occurrences in a text)

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If the new Government does devolve funding and power, then Etal Lane is a great blueprint for other cities to follow.
Documented VZV infection may cause significant morbidity or mortality, affecting the mother, the fetus, or the newborn (Arvin 1996; CDC 1996, 1997, 2005; Harger etal.
ETAL has a 30-years record of unbroken success in the design and development of miniature transformers for the telecommunications industry.
Look out for the weekly pop-up markets selling local foods and crafts in Etal, and the Antiques and Collectables fair at the end of July.
Paying tribute to Ford and Etal Estates as well as to his dedicated team which does the work, and the many contractors and local businesses who make it all possible, David accepted the award from David Wilkinson, director of agriculture for Pepsico Europe, in Edinburgh last week.
NASDAQ:TGLEF) (VcSE:TGL) has entered into a 3-D geophysical and exploration play with Collins & Ware, etal.
Items can be handed in at these police stations: Gilbridge in Sunderland, Millbank at South Shields, High Street West in Gateshead, Middle Engine Lane in Wallsend, Etal Lane in Newcastle and Bedlington.
But just 18 months on the council has given three years' notice on the lease and the owners Ford & Etal Estates say it is too soon to say what will happen next.
Livingstone, 52, of Etal Way, Tweed-mouth, was fined Pounds 160 with Pounds 30 costs and given five penalty points by magistrates in Alnwick, Northumberland, when he admitted speeding near the town on April 15 this year.
PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 21, 1996--The Circle K Corporation (NYSE:CRK) announced today an adverse jury award in the case Binh Trinh, etal.
Team briefing given by Supt Bruce Storey ahead of Operation Aegis at Etal Lane Police Station |Team briefing given by Supt Bruce |Storey ahead of Operation Aegis at Etal Lane Police Station POLICE searched busy nightspots across Newcastle to protect vulnerable people and tighten city centre safety.
Zoheir, qui tient d'habitude un etal de legumes au marche des freres Bettou, a Belouizdad, nous explique pourquoi il a choisi de vendre la kechkecha:[beaucoup moins que]Mes freres et moi, nous faisons cela depuis des annees.
This year is the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden which saw James IV of Scotland perish in the field and, as part of the commemorations, a historical weekend featuring re-enactments of aspects of the battle is being organised at Etal, near Flodden, today and tomorrow.
The lever arch file containing confi-dential court documents, including phone numbers and photographs, was discovered by a member of the public at a bus stop close to Etal Lane Police Station in the city centre at the start of the month.