diethyl ether

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The precipitated complex was filtered off after overnight, washed with hot H2O, cold EtOH and cold Et2O several times and dried in vacuo.
NH4Cl (25 mL), diluted with H2O (75 mL) and partitioned between aqueous and Et2O (3A-100 mL) layers.
Dilution of the reaction mixture with H2O (300 mL), filtration of Pd catalysts over celite-521, extraction with Et2O (4A-300 mL), dryness of organic layer over anhydrous MgSO4 and concentration in vacuo afforded greenish yellow impure oil (37.
The reaction was stirred overnight, quenched with brine and extracted with Et2O (3A-10 mL).
The reddish brown solution was partitioned between H2O (25 mL) and Et2O (3A-50 mL), the combined organic layer was dried over anhydrous MgSO4 and concentrated in vacuo to afford yellowish oil (19.
The resultant white solid was washed three times with Et2O and dried under reduced pressure to get a white solid (1), Yield: 14.