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Furthermore, the introduction of the thioester bond between the spacer and the biphenyl mesogen induced a lowering of transition temperatures in comparison with the polyester having ester bonds between the spacer and the biphenyl mesogen.
Ester bond Retention in tensile strength (%) Description concentration (a) 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks PTMO-1U 0.
The latter generate acidic compounds at processing temperatures (4), catalyzing hydrolytic ester bonds cleavage, leading to lower molecular weights and higher amount of carboxylic end groups.
22], the concentration of ester bonds in the sample can be expressed as [ester] = [rho](DP - 1)/[M.
Biocatalysts carried out various trials and finally came up with the enzyme Pectinase 872L which works by catalysing the hydrolysis of the methyl ester bonds in pectin, releasing free carboxyl groups.
Others joined in the fray, pointing out that the arsenate ester bonds that would be required to make arsenic-based DNA are unstable in water, with an estimated half-life of less than one second.
has been granted a patent for a starch-based coating composition comprised of a naturally derived resin and a resin composition obtained by reacting a starch and/or a starch that has been esterified, etherified, oxidized, acid treated or dextrinated or modified by comprising one or more groups selected from the group consisting of aliphatic saturated hydrocarbon groups, aliphatic unsaturated hydrocarbon groups, and aromatic hydrocarbon groups, which are bonded by ester bonds and/or ether bonds to the starch or to a decomposition product of a starch that has been processed by a low molecularization treatment with an enzyme, acid or oxidizing agent, with a compound containing an isocyanate group obtained by reacting a polyisocyanate compound and a polyhydric alcohol.