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a tax on the estate of the deceased person

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For individuals of lesser means, estate taxation is likely not a meaningful concern.
According to Egyptian Finance Minister Hany Demian, the protocol aims to reach a clear mechanism to allocate part of real estate taxation returns in favour of each governorate in Egypt as well as of the Ministry of Cultural Development.
Germany comes under fire from the Commission in this context, since revenues from real estate taxation (0.
HOWEVER, there may still be the need for patent valuations: Potential sale of the business, potential purchase of another business with self-developed patents, actual sale or purchase of a self-developed patent, divorce actions, estate taxation, gifting, bankruptcy actions, and tort actions are such examples.
The cash-strapped government has proposed a major restructuring of the real estate taxation system, with forthcoming property taxes based on today's market values.
2) Risks of an ambiguous domicile include competing probate proceedings after death (3) and state income and estate taxation claims made by the non-Florida jurisdiction.
Several studies were conducted and it was determined that real estate taxation was contributing to the decline in the number of farms.
government has not been particularly concerned with Hollywood nobility, perhaps because of strong estate taxation.
Such policies, if left to non-charitable beneficiaries at the insured's death, will in most cases be income tax-free, but they will be subject to estate taxation in the donor's estate, thereby reducing what the heirs of the estate would receive.
Does the estate taxation of a life insurance policy that insures more than one life differ from the taxation of a policy that insures a single life?
He brings his study into a lengthy discussion of the Bush tax cuts in 2001 which, probably only temporarily, ended all estate taxation.
These trusts are commonly used in estate planning to avoid estate taxation on death proceeds, to shelter property from creditors and protect survivor income.
increased depreciation and real estate taxation expenses relating to the church's national office at 80 Hayden St.
From an economist's point of view, estate taxation touches on a wide array of important topics.
Mertens, Law of Federal Gift and Estate Taxation (New York, NY: Lofit Publications, Inc.