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a writer of literary works


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Moreover, our essayists are wrong to assume that gays want a gay gene.
What was particularly galling to the orthodox critics was that six of the essayists remained ordained clergymen in the Church of England.
The Philippine Center of International PEN (Poets, Playwrights, Essayists, Novelists), with Mindanao State University Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT), will hold a literature teachers' training workshop focusing on 21st Century Literatures from the Philippines, on Sept.
Collectively drawing from the work of scholars, journalists, essayists, and writers, Canadian Cultural Poesis focuses upon the reinvention, innovative, and eclectic world of Canada's individual and national perspectives of its own distinctive cultural independence.
While taking account of the evident relationships between Wright's travel books and other works of literature, none of the essayists derogates Wright on this account.
Essayists discuss the diversity of Basquiat's influences.
Catalogue essayists Douglas Crimp and Richard Meyer can
Generously packed with 110 illustrations, five of his selected writings, and four essayists' tributes, it's an impressive crystallization of an original, turbulent mind.
The most important social trend that these essayists identify is the attempts of those in bureaucratic, organizational societies to devise bureaucratic and organized means to educate, to deliver first aid, to compensate victims.
Other essayists arrive at revealing conclusions from their analyses of Ellesmere illumination, portraiture, and marginalia, while essays on the language of the Tales and on the editorial decisions of the Ellesmere workshop add new knowledge to the dating of the work and the ordering of the Tales.
Very few Turkish essayists of his generation possess his command of the Turkish language.
Enhanced with interviews with program directors, college professors, and creative writing students, advice, as well as an invaluable checklist for the application process, advice sections about workshops, teaching assistants, and publishing in literary magazines, a comprehensive list of all graduate writing programs within and outside of the U.S., and hallmarks for excellence in a graduate writing program, The Creative Writing MFA Handbook is confidently recommended to all writers be they aspiring novelists, novice journalists, essayists, or considering entering a graduate writing program to hone their craft.
So, we've featured noted nonfiction author Michael Eric Dyson, whose book I May Not Get There With You reexamines our most important social figure; and we asked one of the nation's most brilliant essayists on contemporary issues, Ralph Wiley, to give us his "stream of consciousness" thoughts on black male nonfiction writers.
These sixty or more editorials are informative and entertaining because they personalize the literar y development of the poets, dramatists, novelists, and essayists of the Harlem Renaissance.
The show's catalogue essayists whip themselves into a positive souffle analyzing egg references and metaphors, only to decide that the ultimate rationale is that there isn't one: With Trockel, you can have your eggs any way you like.