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(Middle Ages) an attendant and shield bearer to a knight

a title of respect for a member of the English gentry ranking just below a knight

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Vargas met with Esquire publisher David Smart in 1940.
Esquire Network leaned on a slate of male-skewing reality shows and a handful of scripted foreign acquisitions (though it is perhaps best known for the dozens of hours of "Parks and Recreation" it schedules each week).
Granger's exit from Esquire is a major incident for the magazine industry, as he is one of the very few editors in the industry, whose name is synonymous with his publication.
We were certainly not paid or persuaded to put him on the cover," Esquire Philippines said in a post on its official Facebook account Sunday.
To qualify for the award, the vehicles were required to be all new, appealing to Esquire readers, stylish, good value and most importantly, a vehicle that a customer would want to drive.
She has the face of a goddess, the body of an angel and is married to an elf," Esquire says about Kerr.
Since launching Britain's Best Dressed Real Man 2010 in April Esquire was swamped by hundreds of entries.
Though Esquire is being forced to rein in expenses like most publications, the augmented reality issue is one sign the magazine's parent company, Hearst Corp.
When he was fiction editor of Esquire (1969-1976), Lish edited the work of many major writers (Nabokov, Malamu.
COVER UP: Morph's new look for Esquire was revealed on day of Tony Hart's funeral
THE 30th birthday of plasticine character Morph has been celebrated with a "high fashion" photo-shoot in Esquire magazine.
Bob Colling trained Esquire and I rode the horse at home," says Hart, a lively, compact figure, who still swims every day, partly to ease a back injury sustained in a fall.
EsquireConnect is available at no charge to all Esquire clients at http://www.
In the November issue of Esquire magazine, she says: "I feel very lucky to have worked with him.
brought suit in the Circuit Court of Multnomah County, OR, against the Esquire Lumber Co.