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Synonyms for Eskimo

a member of a people inhabiting the Arctic (northern Canada or Greenland or Alaska or eastern Siberia)

the language spoken by the Eskimo

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If you did not know, Natives up here do not like to be called Eskimo and Eskimos do not like to be called Indians.
The former All-Star hauled in 496 passes for 7,932 yards and 49 touchdowns over eight seasons with the Eskimos.
Using 40 years of new information and research, a team of investigators set out to reexamine Bang and Dyerberg's study of Greenland Eskimos and CAD.
Pink Eskimos offers a fresh, exclusive rental quotation platform, allowing you to make a single enquiry when hiring a refrigerated van, truck, trailer or cold store for short or long term rentals.
Linguistics professor Geoffrey Pullum demolished the Boas-Whorl claim that there are 200 Eskimo words for snow, in his book The Great Eskimo Vocabulary Hoax (Univ.
Many wondered whether LaRose, who has Cree ancestry, would return to the pro ranks after suffering a horrific leg injury in October 2008 when he was playing for his hometown Edmonton Eskimos.
That pretty much sums up "The Private Lives of Eskimos," a new play by Ken Urban that employs a chorus of Eskimos, speed-talking in spam email jargon, to dramatize the mental breakdown of a young man who has lost his sister in a terrorist bombing.
TALKS on subjects ranging from Eskimos to wildlife will feature at meetings of Saltburn and District Retired Men's Forum this autumn.
Former Worcester State wide receiver Ryan Kelly has signed with his hometown Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League.
The first volume was a social geography of the Inupiaq Eskimos and the second concentrated on the types of relations between and among the several nations formerly existing in the region.
When most people think of Eskimos, they think of igloos.
It provides the third, completing volume in a series on the early contact period Inupiaq Eskimos of the region, and covers virtually every subject of importance to anthropological research of a hunter-gatherer society.
A UK firm is selling kayaks back to the people who invented them - Eskimos in Greenland.
The final issue of Geographical for 1955 carried an article entitled Eskimos I have known by Richard Harrington, a photographer who, sadly, passed away earlier this year.