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a member of a people inhabiting the Arctic (northern Canada or Greenland or Alaska or eastern Siberia)

the language spoken by the Eskimo

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For many years ESKIMO EXPRESS has provided a complete courier service to their customers.
The worst insult an Eskimo can say to another Eskimo, other than calling him an Indian, is to call him a Gussick.
In Nicaragua, Eskimo's most important market, Eskimo focused on the dairy industry and the Eskimo brand is synonymous with ice cream, LALA said.
However, the new review of information has determined that Bang and Dyerberg failed to actually investigate the cardiovascular health of the Eskimo population, meaning that the cardioprotective effects of their diet are unsubstantiated.
A Belgian priest has been sent back to a Canadian Inuit settlement to face 79 charges of sexually assaulting Eskimo boys, girls and dogs during the four years he was a missionary there.
He takes an Eskimo boy with tuberculosis back to civilisation, where he is healed and indoctrinated in a catholic foster home.
The Little Eskimo Wilkins Farago, 2013 unpaged $26.
This dictionary covers all dialects of the Central (Alaskan) Yup'ik Eskimo language, though some more than others.
Eskimo Frozen Foods has insisted it is still trading even though it has been hit by supply problems and its online ordering service has not worked for weeks.
Linguistics professor Geoffrey Pullum demolished the Boas-Whorl claim that there are 200 Eskimo words for snow, in his book The Great Eskimo Vocabulary Hoax (Univ.
Horizon Air, a subsidiary of Alaska Air Group (NYSE:ALK), revealed yesterday that it will be retiring its public brand and adopting the trademark Eskimo of its sister company, Alaska Airlines, on its aircraft.
And it's great to see how Eskimo, the tormented reindeer, has progressed since we last heard of him.
Ardahan's people are fishing by breaking the ices and making their lives with Eskimo fishing.
INDIE band One Eskimo are playing a gig in Liverpool ahead of the release of their new album All Balloons.