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a written agreement (or property or money) delivered to a third party or put in trust by one party to a contract to be returned after fulfillment of some condition

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Among other things, it offers a range of different escrow agreements.
From the mid-1980s to the early 2000s, an escrow agreement was considered a necessary protection for a government entering into a software contract.
Regarding the title insurer's position that the fiduciary duties are limited to the terms of the escrow agreements, the court noted that no Texas decision had directly addressed any limitation on the scope of an escrow or other settlement agent's fiduciary duty of disclosure, and that no rationale supported limiting an escrow agent's fiduciary duties to the terms of the contract.
Unfortunately, beneficiaries relying solely on bankruptcy as the only release condition are not gaining the full benefit of the escrow agreement. Clearly, under these circumstances, perhaps they simply let the other party drive the escrow arrangement and failed to use a best practice strategy associated with "thinking beyond bankruptcy" as a release condition.
Such preliminary documents include confidentiality agreements, which are important to permit the creditors to begin their due diligence investigation of the debtor, as well as engagement letters and/or escrow agreements that establish the arrangements for the retention of financial advisers and legal counsel.
79-91,(8) the IRS later restated its position on substantial restrictions contained in escrow agreements. It cited Murray and clarified its position on escrow agreements and the installment method, stating that, for an escrow arrangement to impose a substantial restriction, it must serve a bona fide purpose of the purchaser (i.e., a real and definite restriction placed on the seller or a specific economic benefit conferred on the purchaser).
"I don't even trust escrow agreements. A bankruptcy court has astounding powers to set aside contracts.
According to TST, in addition to a pro-rata portion of the Purchase Price, stockholders of TST will receive additional consideration in connection with the closing of the merger transaction consisting of, a special cash distribution equal to the cash held by TST immediately prior to the closing less any excluded liabilities as agreed to between the parties; and a contingent value right, or CVR, which will entitle each holder to receive a pro-rata portion of the expected release of funds from the outstanding escrow agreements entered into by TST in connection with the sale of each its RateWatch and BoardEx/TheDeal businesses.
This second edition contains new chapters on the negotiation process, licensing software, and boilerplates, plus expanded material on grant of license, escrow agreements, and shrink-wrap and click-wrap licenses.
Use of deposits: Because it is common for practitioners to use standard forms available on disk, CD-ROM or other media, the tax adviser may see exchange and escrow agreements containing language patterned on Regs.
From the pure legal standpoint, the basic documents are the note, the addendum to the note, the mortgage/deed of trust, the mortgage assignment to Fannie Mae, the title insurance policy, financing statements, assignments of financing statements to Fannie Mae, the estoppel certificate, escrow agreements, opinions of borrower's and lender's counsel, letters of credit, assignment of leases, rents and profits (if applicable) and the assignment of same to Fannie Mae.
This claim and the release of the outstanding escrow funds will be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the merger and escrow agreements related to the acquisition.