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Regulation of erytrocyte antioxidant enzyme activities in athletes during competition and short-term recovery.
[2.] Fagiolo E (2003) Mechanisms of immunological tolerance loss versus erytrocyte self-antigens and autoimmune hemolytic anemis.
The urine sediment on microscope demonstrated numerous eumorphologic erytrocyte counts per field.
Seasonal changes in hemoglobin and erytrocyte indices in Microtus arvalis.
The mean corpuscular volume (MCV) represents the red blood cell volume, and it increased values during trail, suggest an hydration process, since the adrenalin, an catecholamine released in stress situation, causes in vitro erytrocyte tumefaction (Nikinmaa & Huestis, 1984) as consequence of intracellular sodium and chloride retention and water gain by osmosis process and increasing red blood cell volume (Railo et al., 1985).
g/dL, Hct: 29%, MCV: 74,7 fL, Platelets: 485 000/ [mm.sup.3], Fe: 22 ug/dL (N>26), TIBC: 423 ug/dL (N:110-370), Ferritin: 7.69 ng/mL (N:30-400), Erytrocyte sedimentation rate: 35 mm/saat (N<15), CRP: 2.12 mg/dL (N<0.8), PT: 12.9s, PTT: 30.4 s.