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Two springtime beauties from the US, trilliums and erythroniums, have been wholeheartedly adopted into the British gardening repertoire and are among the most special of Cinderella plants.
1994) Arenaria groenlandica, Junt-us 1 m Marchand and Roach trifidus, Potentilla tridentata (1980) and Diapensia lapponica Erythronium grandiflorum 1 m Weiblen and Thomson (1995) Campanula thyrsoides <10 m Frei et al.
Erythronium meochoreum was initially listed as endangered in Illinois, later reclassified as threatened (Herkert 1991), and now removed from the list because it is more common in Illinois than previously thought (Nyboer and Ebinger 2004).
If you have a shady spot in your garden you may want to combine hellebores with erythronium, which thrive in semi-shade.
BOLD TROUT: Last autumn, much later than I should have, I planted about 100 Erythronium 'Pagoda'.
I'll plant more epimediums at ground level, too, and perhaps put in some of those erythronium bulbs that are being divided as well.
This week's special online offer is for 10 Erythronium Pagoda available at half price - just EUR4.
Plants of note this month include the pink dog's tooth violets; Erythronium dens cans, the skunk cabbage; Lysichiton americanus, and a shrub related to the witch hazel called Corylopsis pauciflora, which has delicate cream flowers appearing before the leaves.
The following bulbs are considered moderately shade-tolerant: hyacinth, arum, ornamental onion or alium, fritillaria, erythronium, puschkinia, chinodoxa.
And so is the soft rose-pink of the dog's tooth violet, Erythronium revolutum from America.
The trout lilies, Erythroniums, used to be around our gardens only in the form of its European cousin, Erythronium dens-canis.