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douglassii, Circaea lutetiana, Claytonia virginica, Cystopteris protrusa, Dicentra cucullaria, Elymus hystrix, Erigenia bulbosa, Erythronium americanum, Euonymus obovatus, Eupatorium rugosum, Galium concinnum, Geranium maculatum, Geum canadense, Hydrophyllum appendiculatum, H.
Therefore, most seeds produced by lilies in bear digs fall onto bare soil, which is ideal for germination and establishment of Erythronium seedlings (Caldwell 1969, E.
Variation in pollen size, fertilization ability, and postfertilization siring success in Erythronium grandiflorum.
Claytonia lanceolata, Erythronium grandiflorum, and Mertensia brevistyla formed an early cohort; Delphinium nuttallianum, Lathyrus leucanthus, and Potentilla pulcherrima formed a middle cohort; and Eriogonum subalpinum, Ipomopsis aggregata, Campanula rotundifolia, and Seriphidium vaseyanum formed a late cohort.
Cruzan (1990) suggested that small pollen grains of Erythronium have a higher surface-to-volume ratio; thus they would dry more quickly than large ones and their life expectancies would be shorter.
Post-fertilization causes of differential success of pollen donors in Erythronium grandiflorum (Liliaceae): nonrandom ovule abortion.
Cryptic self-incompatibility, Erythronium grandiflorum, inbreeding depression, matting system, outcrossing distance, outcrossing rate, preferential outcrossing.
caerulea, preventing pollination of late flowers did not increase seed set of early flowers in Erythronium grandiflorum nor in Clintonia borealis, while preventing pollination in early flowers increased seed set of late flowers in both species (Thomson 1989).
1994) obtained in controlled experiments with Erythronium.
Temperature controls seed germination and dormancy in the European woodland herbaceous perennial Erythronium dens-canis (Liliaceae).
Presl Onagraceae (1%) Erythronium grandijlorum Pursh Liliaceae * Grindelia squarrosa (Pursh) Dunal Asteraceae (1%) Isatis tinctoria L.
This week, I saw erythronium blooms start to open up and trilliums display their wonderful flowers.
One of the plant specimens is the uncommon Erythronium mesochoreum (prairie trout-lily) which was collected by Dr.