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Most of the extracts and fractions at a concentration of 2 mg/mL showed protective effects on human erythrocyte membranes against lysis induced by heat as shown in Table 4.
High glucose levels lead to rearrangement of erythrocyte membranes, defects in oxygen binding activity of Hb and alterations in the mechanical features of the cell membrane and general aspects of the cell wall.31,32 These changes lead to an altered erythrocyte structure and changes in the haemodynamic characteristics of RBCs.33,34 The effect of hyperglycaemia goes beyond structural changes, with a marked effect on RBC lifespan.
These results are in parallel with the previous results by Ziegler et al., 2002 [25], who showed that the effect of lupeol is indirect and is directed to erythrocyte membrane. In the chemoprotective assay the impact of the ethyl acetate extract was linear and may imply the indirect role of lupeol.
Figure 1 shows a typical sigmoid curve obtained in the determination of erythrocyte membrane stability variables.
Moroz et al., "Nonlinear local deformations of erythrocyte membranes: normal erythrocytes (part 1)," General Reanimatology, vol.
Shukla, "Erythrocyte membrane fatty acid profile and saturation index in gallbladder carcinogenesis: a case-control study," World JSurgOncol, vol.
The content of DHA in the erythrocyte membrane (% total fatty acids) increased in the experimental group only, with significant differences as compared with controls at 3 (7.7 [1.4] vs.
Results from the study demonstrated that fat absorption among patients was significantly improved as shown by a 2.2-fold increase in the omega-3 index (erythrocyte membrane levels of DHA+EPA).
Erythrocyte membrane proteins reactive with IgG (warm-reacting) anti-red blood cell autoantibodies: 11.
falciparum erythrocyte membrane protein 1 (PfEMP1) (Smith et al., 2013) (Figure 4).
Such changes in red blood cell shape in patients with cardiovascular diseases are primarily related to the violation of erythrocyte membrane stability [24, 38].
In the present study, we have provided evidence that a sub acute single dose of carbofuran can efficiently induce oxidative stress in the erythrocyte membrane of the experimental rats.
(4, 5 7-10) [alpha]--and [beta]-spectrin self-associate into tetramers that play a central role in maintaining the shape, flexibility, and strength of the erythrocyte membrane. (11) The pathology of HPP is poorly understood, it was considered to be a recessive disease owing to the fact that both the parents are sometimes asymptomatic.
Erythrocyte membrane of the prototype has heterogeneous phase height on the cell's perimeter.
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