prairie rocket

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any of several North American plants of the genus Erysimum having large yellow flowers

any of several western American plants of the genus Cheiranthus having large yellow flowers

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Unlike many ant nectarrobbing systems, ants do not damage flower parts of Erysimum capitatum, but remove nectar from openings between sepals.
Populations of Erysimum capitatum in this study region differed in phenotype and pollinator community composition and levels of herbivory changed from year to year.
At the four sites studied, Erysimum capitatum has a generalized pollination system.
1985), however, viability tests of Erysimum capitatum pollen suggest that it may be less susceptible than pollen of other plants (Claire Lay, pets.
However, other insects, including megachilid bees, lepidopteran larvae, and grasshoppers damage petals of Erysimum capitatum.