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German field marshal noted for brilliant generalship in North Africa during World War II (1891-1944)

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1887: Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery of Alamein (Monty), who led the Eighth Army to victory over his adversary Field Marshal Erwin Rommel in North Africa in the Second World War, was born in London.
Destined to be one of the most famous military leaders of all time, German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (the "Desert Fox") served as a junior officer In France, Romania and Italy during World War I, where he was wounded three times and awarded the Iron Cross First and Second Class.
London, December 31 ( ANI ): German general Erwin Rommel, who was accused of plotting to kill Hitler, told his teenage son he had been ordered to kill himself by the Nazi dictator, a newly discovered letter has revealed.
dragoon, Mexican War); Erwin Rommel, Infantry Attacks (German junior officer, World War I); Ernst Junger, Storm of Steel (German junior officer, World War I); Guy Sajer, The Forgotten Soldier (German soldier, World War II); Gottlob Bittermann, In Deadly Combat, (German soldier, World War II); Audie Murphy, To Hell and Back, (U.
In July, General Erwin Rommel and his panzers were only 70 miles from Alexandria, a situation serious enough for Churchill to fly out to Egypt.
His German counterpart, Field Marshall Erwin Rommel (the legendary 'Desert Fox') faced a far grimmer fate 6 he eventually turned against Adolf Hitler and was executed for plotting to assassinate der Fuehrer.
7th Batt Scotland "Fightin Division the wor Famo of EE Famously, the unit's soldiers saw off Hitler's greatest general Erwin Rommel at the battles of El Alamein and Wadi Akarit.
The book features rare photos, top secret orders and reports of missions, including a daring raid to capture one of Hitler's top generals - Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox.
A mate of mine from Cardiff spends more time plotting victories on the sand dunes than Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, and he always tells me to keep a very close eye on gambles at this time of year, as stables try to earn the Crimbo exes.
The legend of Erwin Rommel is at the center of a growing controversy surrounding an upcoming TV biopic by one of Germany's leading production companies.
Patton, General Creighton Abrams, German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel and Israeli Major General Moshe Peled, according to the Armor Museum at Fort Knox, where he is commemorated.
During World War II, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States each produced a battle captain who stood above the rest: Erwin Rommel, Bernard Montgomery, and George Patton.
Erwin Rommel s defeat in August 1942 rendered the project obsolete.
During the second world war it was sailed off the north coast of France by the Third Reich field marshal Erwin Rommel, he who would later become famous by the name "the Desert Fox".
AaAaNo army in the world at that time could have withstood Germany's blitzkrieg, planned by the brilliant Erich von Manstein, and led by theAaaudacious Heinz Guderian, and Erwin Rommel -- three of modern history's greatest generals.