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United States author remembered for novels about poverty and degeneration (1903-1987)

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Erskine Caldwell, Glasgow's alternate example of Southern Gothic, does not share Faulkner's appropriation of the traditional Gothic formula.
Besides the big names, Ford introduced talents who confirmed his nose for the new: James Farrell, Erskine Caldwell, and fellow oddball teen Paul Bowles.
Diria que entre mis referentes cercanos estan Hemingway, Faulkner, Charles Bukowsky, los que empezaron hacer novelas por los anos treinta como Erskine Caldwell y John Dos Passos.
As the FBI would say, also "pertaining to the above captioned subject" was information I found in the file on Erskine Caldwell, a League vice-president.
He included writings by Erskine Caldwell, Langston Hughes, and William Carlos Williams.
Modern Age, which published inexpensive original and reprint editions of works by Erskine Caldwell, Andre Gide, William Saroyan, and Ignazio Silone among others, then forwarded the manuscript to Wright and novelist Louis Bromfield for evaluation.
Tobacco Road, a play written by Jack Kirkland from the novel by Erskine Caldwell, opened in New York City.
She is known for the books done in collaboration with writer <IR> ERSKINE CALDWELL </IR> , her former husband: You Have Seen Their Faces (1937), one of the first books successfully to combine the techniques of journalism and photography; North of the Danube (1939); and Say
A few of the interviewees in Personal Souths: Interviews from the Southern Quarterly (University Press of Mississippi, 2012) mention Wolfe, including Tennessee Williams, Erskine Caldwell, William Hoffman, and Harry Crews.
As the leader, I have taken considerable lumps for having placed on the list God's Little Acre by Erskine Caldwell, The Sharpshooter Blues by Lewis Nordan, The End of the Affair by Graham Greene, and Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey.
Part sleazy Southern exploitation pic about a wild firecat that would have made Erskine Caldwell blush, part blues-infused "Pygmation" story about the tramp's reformation at the hands of an older black man, Craig Brewer's follow-up to his 2005 Sundance winner "Hustle & Flow" probably will find its most eager audience among college-age guys hot to ogle the young star in some very raw action.
It c learly resembles the Erskine Caldwell South, an allegory broad enough to attract readers across the country" (Klein 269-70).
Una seccion breve pero fascinante es la que menciona las ocupaciones alternas de la gente de letras: Isaac Babel, furriel; Joseph Brodsky, empleado forense; Erskine Caldwell, guardaespaldas; Raymond Carver, mozo de limpieza; Raymond Chandler, ejecutivo de una compania petrolera; Langston Hughes, portero de un cabaret parisiense; Milan Kundera, pianista de jazz; David Mamet, taxista; Henry Miller, administrador de un bar clandestino (speakeasy) durante la Prohibicion; V.
Miller considerably broadens our image of Erskine Caldwell through such vivid accounts as that of Caldwell's and Margaret Bourke-White's journalistic adventures in the Soviet Union in 1941, or by his documentation of Caldwell's writing on behalf of racial justice, culminating in the publication of In Search of Bisco and Deep South in the mid-1960s.
Un Barrage contre le Pacifique (1950; The Sea Wall), her third novel and first success, dealt with a poor French family in Indochina, reflecting the novels by Erskine Caldwell and John Steinbeck then popular in France.