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any of several related languages of the Celts in Ireland and Scotland

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ERSE, ERSE-II, UPRE, and UPRE-II have been identified to date [15,17], and our result shows that horse ER stress-related genes contain conserved ERSE, ERSE-II, UPRE, and UPRE-II sequences (Figure 4A).
[An Irish and Erse word, which signifies the water of life.] It is a compounded distilled spirit, being drawn on aromaticks; and the Irish sort is particularly distinguished for its pleasant and mild flavour.
The Positive Rating Outlook is explained by the KPI convergence towards sustainability, the stable legal framework for TDs, and ERSE's independent profile as a technical body able to set access tariffs that correct potential imbalances.
I think I might just purchase a big fan and stick my erse into that for the meantime.
y erse at sh But she's not the first to give a roll in the sheets second billing.
Injuries have killed us but a Bairn with a biscuit erse could see the quality McCann and O'Brien give us."
You are invited to have a complimentary cappuccino, listen to the soundtrack of the new commercial and imm erse yourself in the cafe society lifestyle that the Emporio Armani brand portrays.
- Entidade Reguladora dos Servicios Energeticos (ERSE; the regulator) estimates up to 2017 of the main electricity revenue and cost items.
16 Chew; 15 Epic; 14 Hate; 13 Sash; 12 Ears; 11 Erse; 10 Maze; 9 Seam; 8 Ends; 7 Mate; 6 Edam; 5 Nose; 4 Plan; 3 Pomp; 2 Whip; 1 Spiral: Word
I felt like telling him to hurry up, move his erse, the rules apply to everybody.
The day Pietersen walks away, a young English talent th Th The erse away, Engli desperate to get picked smashes 115 from 77 balls to take his side to victory.
REFEREE Mike McCurry's day started picking a cable out of his linesman's backside and finished with Inverness claiming he'd made an erse of their big chance to end their Dons hoodoo.
Offset 6: ansa chain erse hush paul roil wong Paulo