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the washing away of soil by the flow of water

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Quine TA, Zhang Y (2002) An investigation of spatial variation in soil erosion, soil properties and crop production within an agricultural field in Devon, UK.
It is at risk of extinction because of habitat damage caused by erosion, soil compaction, habitat fragmentation, disturbance by people and pets, yard waste dumping, and introduction of nonnative species.
But subsequent civilizations, which presumably knew what had happened to those earlier ones, continued to inflict the same abuses--allowing deforestation, erosion, soil depletion, salinization, and contamination to gradually degrade and destroy the land that meant so much to them.
The problem for Lewontin and others like him is that the faith in industrial agriculture as an eternal pillar of human society is getting harder to maintain, not because of the attacks of its opponents but because of the increasingly manifest failures of industrial agriculture itself: massive soil erosion, soil degradation, pollution by toxic chemicals, pollution by animal factory wastes, depletion of aquifers, runaway subsidies, the spread of pests and diseases by the long-distance transportation of food, mad cow disease, indifferent cruelty to animals, the many human sufferings associated with agricultural depression, exploitation of "cheap" labor, the abuse of migrant workers.
The soil-rated themes discussed in this paper are: soil acidity, wind erosion, water erosion, soil organic carbon, soil compaction, water repellence, and nutrient status (phosphorus).
The simulations assess the long-term effects of practices such as soil tillage and crop-residue management on soil erosion, soil quality, and yield.
Pollution, erosion, soil degradation: according to the Commission, some 115 million hectares (12% of Europe's landmass) are affected by water erosion and 42 million hectares by wind erosion, with 3.
It contributed to estimation of erosion, soil loss, runoff, and sediment yields within the watershed.
Problems such as erosion, soil degradation and a falling water table are made worse by unsustainable natural resource management practices.
In contrast, the highest-yielding areas (greater than 90th percentile) in each year were characterized by lower soil loss through water erosion, soil deposition by tillage, low total carbonates, higher organic carbon contents, and slightly lower pH (Table 5).
With water and wind erosion, soil particles being detached and transported have sizes in the order of millimeters," says Huang.
Description : Following the result of erosion, soil continually degrade corollary declining agricultural yields and causing a chronic under nutrition of populations.
In other words, a precision conservation three-dimensional management scheme accounting for erosion, soil erodibility, the drainages and N[O.
Prevention of soil erosion, soil degradation and nutrient losses (N, P) as well as contributing to flood control, via improved soil cover over long periods and buffer strips and wetlands acting as lamination areas.