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German filmmaker of sophisticated comedies (1892-1947)


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2) For example, Ernst Lubitsch was born 1892 in Berlin to Russian Jewish immigrants.
One Hour With You," 1932 American film produced and directed by Ernst Lubitsch
You can learn how romantic comedy has gone downhill by going to your video store and renting "Shop Around the Corner" (1940), the Ernst Lubitsch film on which "You've Got Mail" is based.
Production Designer Dreier was associated with famed directors Ernst Lubitsch and Von Sternberg on 10 and 12 of their films, respectively.
1940, starring James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan, directed by Ernst Lubitsch.
The Smiling Lieutenant," a 1931 American film directed by Ernst Lubitsch
So you got this influx of Franz Waxman and Erich Korngold writing music, and Ernst Lubitsch, Billy Wilder and Fritz Lang as writers and directors.
Alfred Hitchcock, Fritz Lang, Billy Wilder, and Ernst Lubitsch are among many European emigres who brought enriching ideas and techniques to the United States.
This then-iffy commercial property was shot thanks to the personal clout of its celebrated writer-director-producer Ernst Lubitsch, who made the picture independently through United Artists.
who was a Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty and starred in three silent comedies directed by Ernst Lubitsch, before starving herself to death in 1937.
It's one of Hollywood's sweetest comedies, immaculately acted and directed with deft delicacy by the great Ernst Lubitsch.
This someone was frequently the director (Frank Capra, Howard Hawks, Ernst Lubitsch, Alfred Hitchcock), but could also be the producer (Irving Thalberg, Samuel Goldwyn, David O.
The best of the lot is the 1939 ``Ninotchka,'' directed by Ernst Lubitsch, which touted the fact that Garbo laughs.