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German philosopher concerned with concept formation in the human mind and with symbolic forms in human culture generally (1874-1945)


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One of those philosophers who provided a new philosophical perspective on art is the German Ernst Cassirer who, through his Philosophie der symbolischen Formen, showed that art is not simply the expression of the feeling but rather of the power of symbolic form.
Reaching beyond Toni Cassirer's descriptions of the famous Davos debate with Heidegger, Curthoys further distinguishes his reading of Cassirer for the weight he affords her Mein Leben mit Ernst Cassirer (Hildesheim, 1981).
(34) Ernst Cassirer, The Problem of Knowledge: Philosphy, Science, and History since Hegel, trans William H.
(17) This fundamental intuition (that is to say the use of idealizations in science), already applied by Galileo in opposition to the Aristotelian-scholastic abstraction, found fruitful developments in the neo-Kantism of Ernst Cassirer, who opted for the passage from the concept of substance to the concept of function.
The "tragedy of culture" as portrayed by Simmel--which Ernst Cassirer would revisit a couple of decades later in order to criticize its lack of dialogical content--remains trapped in its own limits, which largely rest on a misunderstanding of the symbolic character of a human life always able to rebound and reverse its own limitations.
In accordance with Ernst Cassirer's assertion made some time ago, it is not only material but also idea which possesses sensitivity; however, in the case of an idea this sensitivity is of a symbolic significance.
Britton substantiates the preponderant influence of Dilthey on Heschel through his teachers, themselves students of Dilthey, such as Ernst Cassirer, David Koigen, and Martin Buber.