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Carl Zeiss Jena produced its first oil immersion objective in 1880, designed by Ernst Abbe, who was the founder of the optical theory of microscope lenses.
This second volume of the Handbook, dedicated the 100th anniversary of the death of optical image formation pioneer Ernst Abbe, concentrates on the physical effects involved in image formation, limiting the discussion to the effective light source model.
He has written numerous articles and six books on microscopy and has received several awards, including the 2002 New York Microscopical Society Ernst Abbe Memorial Award, both for his contributions to the field and for his stunning photomicrographs.
Ernst Abbe, a resourceful physicist and inventor working as research director at Carl Zeiss optical works, built what became the precursor to the modern refractometer.
The number, named for Ernst Abbe, a 19th -century professor at the University of Jena and a partner in the Carl Zeiss optical glass firm, expresses an in verse ratio for the dispersion of light passing through a material.