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British labor leader and statesman who played an important role in diplomacy after World War II (1884-1951)


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Mr Bannister was one of hundreds sent down the pit by government minister Ernie Bevin, from whom they got their name.
At international conferences after World War II he bonded with Britain's working class foreign minister, Ernie Bevin.
He took it with him to the offices of the Labor Party, where he worked with Ernie Bevin until 1951 for 7 quid a week.
He noticed that a bust of Ernie Bevin was missing from its place in the entrance to the Foreign Office.
Famous politicians like Ernie Bevin and Barbara Castle held it.
His great ally was the T& G leader Ernie Bevin.
Has the Party of Nye Bevan, Clement Attlee and Ernie Bevin really sunk that low?
We have been here before, 55 years ago to be exact, when the United States spearheaded the partition of Palestine - and the creation of the Israeli state - through the United Nations, much to the fury of Ernie Bevin, Britain's Foreign Secretary.
And wouldn't Clem Attlee and Ernie Bevin have applauded when in Kosovo, faced with racial genocide, it was Britain and this Government that helped defeat it?
We also remember Aneurin Bevan who set up the NHS, and the robust foreign secretary, Ernie Bevin, who helped set up NATO and secure Marshall Aid.
He described me as a cross between Ernie Bevin and Demosthenes.