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British labor leader and statesman who played an important role in diplomacy after World War II (1884-1951)


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"Then I got my call-up papers to work undergound - I wasn't best pleased with Ernest Bevin! We were classed as conscientious objectors and that naturally rankled.
Records of the British military intelligence unit MI5 reveal that a member of the Lehi pre-state militia confessed when captured by mandate authorities that a fellow Lehi member wanted to assassinate high-ranking British politicians, including Churchill and then-Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin.
So 70 years ago this month Ernest Bevin, Minister of Labour, appealed for volunteers.
Attlee did mishandle Palestine and he did allow himself to be persuaded by Ernest Bevin into setting Britain on the path of developing its own nuclear weapons, which it could not afford and could not use.
But he insisted that his only ambition was to beat his predecessor, Ernest Bevin, as Labour's longestserving Foreign Secretary by completing six years in the post..
To solve this problem HMG in the person of the Labour Minister, Ernest Bevin ordered some 20,000 young men into the mines.
Theywere named after Ernest Bevin, the wartime Minister of Labour and National Service, who announced the scheme.
Now the men who became known as the Bevin Boys - named after Labour Minister Ernest Bevin - are finally being given the recognition they deserve.
He cites an odd anecdote on Truman, who told Lester Pearson, in January 1948, that the Korean situation was less dangerous than believed by Mackenzie King and that the latter should not pay undue attention to "the fears spread by the British government of Clement Attlee and Ernest Bevin, Laborite isolationists" (136).
They were nicknamed the "Bevin Boys" after Ernest Bevin, the Minister for Labour who masterminded the scheme.
To begin with, having been returned as Labour MP for Gateshead in Labour's landslide general election victory of 1945, Zilliacus found that the new Labour government was more interested in domestic than foreign policy, which was left to a few Labour leaders and presided over by Ernest Bevin, the famous trade union leader who branded him a Communist.
Ernest Bevin was Great Britain's first Labour foreign minister in the post WWII era.
British foreign minister Ernest Bevin noted that "If the Americans are to be made conscious of anything, they have to be shocked into consciousness." CBS broadcaster Edward R.
But the official perceptions of the Somalis in this frontier region of Kenya and emphasis on their being different from others, assisted in the formulation of the Somali-received tradition of themselves as a people distinct from other Africans in the zone-a fact further encouraged by British government spokesmen such as Ernest Bevin after the second World War.
During her speech at the inauguration of the new building, European Parliament President Nicole Fontaine recalled that, in 1949, the then British Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin had proposed Strasbourg as a symbolic place for a new and peaceful Europe and wanted it to become a "symbol of European unity".