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the expensive white fur of the ermine

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mustelid of northern hemisphere in its white winter coat

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Now the insects, which will one day turn into ermine moths, have now started covering people's cars as well as their gardens.
The bird-cherry ermine moth has several rows of black dots on its forewing, and a wingspan of 16-25 mm.
There are eight species of ermine moth and not much is known about them except they are partial to bird cherry trees, blackthorn and hawthorn bushes in particular.
ERMINE moths are a group of several hundred similar species which mainly live in the tropics.
NO: The tree covered in the web-like weavings of ermine moth caterpillars, seen in close-up inset above left Pictures by LEWIS POTTER FASCINATED: Sarah Seaman and son Stephen Jones, nine, above Picture by PETER REIMANN
SPOOKY Trees turned white after an infestation of thousands of Bird-Cherry Ermine Moth caterpillars covered them in an silky web
In the early 1980s, the apple ermine moth was established in the Pacific Northwest area of the U.
Early that summer, pupae of apple ermine moths harboring wasp larvae were rounded up in Shanxi Province, China.
This outbreak of what was probably the small ermine moth, Yponomeuta spp, is in the same category as John and Jackie's hawthorn Webber moth and its explosion into hundreds of thousands of caterpillars is unusual but not rare.
And it could be the hardship of the cold spell that has prompted a reproductive explosion in some species, including this one, which Ian reckons could be a bird-cherry ermine moth.
The Rev Mr E Powell, who used to go to Tregaron for his fishing holidays, used a grey partridge feather to dress one of his evening fly patterns called the Ermine Moth.
English Nature's Dr Davis Sheppard said the caterpillars were ermine moth larvae which hatched from eggs laid last year.
From Chinese apple orchards and lone trees, Pemberton gathered dry, mummified remains of ermine moth caterpillars.
The insects - who are about to become pupa and turn into ermine moths - first plagued the house in Brechin six years ago.
According to Butterfly Conservation, the caterpillars come from ermine moths and start appearing now.