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a member of an Iroquoian people formerly living on the south shore of Lake Erie in northern Ohio and northwest Pennsylvania and western New York

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the 4th largest of the Great Lakes


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a port city on Lake Erie in northwestern Pennsylvania

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The Erie metropolitan statistical area (MSA) is located in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania on Lake Erie.
Erie will become a kind of downscale Aspen, with service and construction workers forced to commute into Erie while upscale residents commute to work in Boulder or Denver.
The container's closure design took many months to create, said Brett Niggel, product development engineer at Erie Plastics.
The resort is also on prime real estate, covering a 364-acre peninsula along the shore of Lake Erie.
In 2001, every sister in the community except one signed her name to Vladimiroff's letter declining a Vatican request to keep Erie Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister from addressing the Women's Ordination Worldwide Conference in Dublin.
I have not been made aware directly or indirectly of any priest, deacon or lay person who is presently active in ministry in this diocese who has a background of sexual child abuse," said Erie Bishop Donald W.
One thing I haven't figured out is how to grow a palm tree in Erie, Pennsylvania," he says with a laugh.
It took a joint Navy and Coast Guard operation involving SEAL Team 1, Lake Erie (CG 70) and two aircraft to get the patient to the hospital.
In Ohio, these boats glided gracefully along the Ohio and Erie Canal, heavily laden with lumber on its way north to Lake Erie where it was transferred to a lake freighter and sent to Buffalo (New York) and the Erie Canal.
Opened in 1825, the Erie Canal joined the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean.
Cabinetmaker Erie Sauder had a passion and a knack for crafting furniture people liked.
Johnson's landmark book A Shopkeeper's Millennium explored the social context of religious revivalism in the booming Erie Canal town of Rochester, New York, linking it to the residential separation and mutual antagonism of the emerging class relations of early industrial capitalism.
auspices, the Erie refinanced itself in time for the war's booming demand.
In this and other cities on Lake Erie, water intake pipes provide ideal feeding grounds for the stripe-shelled biva'ves, which sift microscopic nutrients from passing water.
The myth as Erie sees it is that the Irish confabulated the Democratic party in the nineteenth century by the same means that the British employed to man their armies and navy: instead of conscripting able, fit recruits from all levels of society, they lured the mentally infirm and financially distressed from the oppressed lower classes into service with small bribes from the public purse.
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