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dwarf European shrub with very early blooming bell-shaped red flowers

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Gardeners can help by providing the right flowers ( good plants to try include crocus, grape hyacinth (muscari) and winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis), as well as pulmonaria, Clematis cirrhosa, Erica carnea and spring-flowering mahonias.
Most gardeners are aware of winter pansies, but I like to put heathers in my winter pots' the Erica carnea varieties' the rest will be spring/summer flowering.
WHILE Erica carnea and Erica x darleyensis are winter blooming heathers, don't ignore the summer-flowering Scotch heathers or Callunas as they produce the best foliage in shades of orange and brick red.
Ask at your local garden centre for one of the following - Chaenomeles japonica, chimonanthus praecox, cornus mas, erica carnea, garrya elliptica, hamamelis mollis, helleborus hybrida, jasminum nudiflorum, lonicera 'Winter Beauty', mahonia spps, prunus subhirtella 'Autumnalis', rhododendron praecox, sarcococca spps, viburnum farreri and V.
If you're looking to brighten up your winter containers, invest in specimens of Erica carnea, a low-growing but bushy evergreen shrub with flowers in many colours from late autumn to late spring.
Some nice ones are Erica darlyensis which has silver beads and Erica carnea springwood white and springwood pink.
Other relatively trouble-free ground cover plants include Ajuga reptans, astilbe, Calluna vulgaris, Erica carnea and Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald Gaiety'.
expert tip: Winter-flowering heathers are mainly cultivars of erica carnea or erica x darleyensis and not fussy about soil type.
Many of the winter heathers, mostly varieties of Erica carnea , are lime-tolerant so that, unlike their acid-loving summer cousins, will grow in most kinds of soil.
Amongst my favourites is Erica carnea `Springwood White', an earlyflowering heather which brings a carpet of colour to the garden throughout the winter.
The five on offer - one plant of each - include two varieties of low, spreading Erica carnea, both holders of the Royal Horticultural Society's prestigious award of garden merit:
Winter heath ALTHOUGH we are all familiar with our local moorland ling heather, Calluna vulgaris, that turns the moors around us purple in late summer, the winter heath, Erica carnea, can give us delicate spikes of flowers in an array of different colours from now until April, if we choose the right cultivars.
All forms of Erica carnea are lime-tolerant so can be used in any planting scheme.
Gardeners can help bees that do start emerging earlier by providing the right flowers such as crocus, grape hyacinth (muscari) and winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis), as well as pulmonaria, Clematis cirrhosa, Erica carnea and spring-flowering mahonias.
If the pH is 7 or above (neutral to alkaline) you should only plant varieties of Erica carnea as these are more lime tolerant.