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French composer noted for his experimentalism and rejection of Romanticism (1866-1925)

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Monotones II, music by Eric Satie and choreography and design by Frederick Ashton.
There are also two of the Gnossiennes by Eric Satie and pieces by a composer with a definite sense of humour, Poulenc.
A longtime friend of Picasso, Cocteau worked with him and with Eric Satie in 1917 on Diaghalev's ballet Parade, then considered scandalous.
Set to a jaunty, startling music score by Eric Satie performed by the Vienna Art Orchestra.
Y Jean, en esos dias en que lo asombraban el ritmo de Stravinski, el arte "africano" de Picasso, la poesia de lo moderno de Apollinaire, la tragicamente traviesa obra de Max Jacob, la musica a la vez candorosa e ironica de Eric Satie, y la poesia del circo, de los affiches y los escaparates, nada deseaba mas que asombrar.
His ANALOGIES actually used romantic Tonmalerer for a musical description of entirely unromantic facts fragment composition is a compositional technique notably reminiscent of the brick construction method of Eric Satie (and anticipating Stockhausen's "Formelkamposition) According to Berg's original idea even a short melodic line or harmonic progression is divided into fragments that become the initial material and the basis of composition.
Manny's Gym'' refers to the gentle gymnopedia, aptly reminiscent of music by Eric Satie, Adams wrote for Ax, which the pianist here played with lovely, limpid transparency.
Even though the last of these conversations took place just days before his death, one still finds marvelous statements like Cage's "I have a kind of basic idea that music is music and painting is painting, but I'm having recently new ideas" (91) or his inclusion of the following words from Eric Satie in the mesostic lecture, The First Meeting of the Satie Society: "show me something new / and I'll start all over again" (148).
El titulo de esta novela hace alusion a las Gymnopedies de Eric Satie, palabra cuyo significado texual seria justo 'la fiesta de los ninos desnudos', y no tiene nada que ver con pedofilia.
Hay que escuchar con atencion sus colaboraciones con el guitarrista de blues Roy Rogers (con quien presenta muy disfrutables versiones de la Gnosienne numero 1, de Eric Satie, y de El amor brujo, de Manuel de Falla), con el trompetista polaco Piotr Bal, con el poeta Michael McClure (que fuera amigo cercano de Jim Morrison), con el compositor Bruce Hanifan.
Bach Trio Sonata for traverso and harpsichord; a saxophone quartet; and vocal selections by Charles Ives, Eric Satie and Arnold Schoenberg.