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imaginative British writer concerned with social justice (1903-1950)

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But despite his dress sense and Leftist leanings, MI5 did not consider Orwell - who is referred to by his birth name of Eric Blair throughout the file - as holding orthodox Communist views.
Oxford-educated Will, 45, will spend at least a month where Orwell, known to locals by realname Eric Blair, wrote the classic novel 1984.
George Orwell - born Eric Blair - conveys his bemusement at the infighting among the factions which made up the militia.
IT is nearly one hundred years since the birth of Eric Blair, better known to us as George Orwell, perhaps the most clear-eyed analyst of the twentieth century.
Writer Eric Blair, better known as George Orwell, is born.
A new character, Eric Blair, returns to his homeland to discover a completely changed world dominated by the Thought Police.
He and 22 members of the Orwell Society will travel to Barnhill, the remote farmhouse where the writer, real name Eric Blair, laboured over 1984 in an upstairs bedroom.
Hoy n Hope Club from Ashington and the Wark Fishing Club had enjoyable visits with Cecil Douglas and Eric Blair top rods.
Michael Sinkinson landed eight, including the heaviest fish of the week at 5lb and another two at 3lb 5oz each, for 22lb and Eric Blair took a fine brace at 3lb 4oz and 3lb from Beeches Walk.
The writer, listed under his real name Eric Blair, chronicled his experiences defending the Spanish Second Republic against Franco's military uprising in his classic book Homage To Catalonia.
George Orwell, the pen name by which Eric Blair is known, had the gift of prophecy, or else blind luck.
Eric Blair, the man who became the writer "George Orwell," was a damn hard worker.
But our pictures show Jack inside Mark Mahoney's Shamrock Tattoo shop just two days later, and taking off his shirt for the session carried out by artist pal Eric Blair.
Among the many powerful lines cited in Matt Welch's article, one in particular stands out in my mind as timeless, true, and deserving of my respect for Vaclav Havel, the incredible and brave gentleman whom the writer quite rightly identifies as the modem counterpart of Eric Blair, a.
Oh, aye, your man Eric Blair," he said matter-of-factly.