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imaginative British writer concerned with social justice (1903-1950)

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After Eric Blair started to establish himself in London as a writer and adopted the pen name "George Orwell" in 1933, the two men reconnected.
The range of topics covered in the twenty-three selections is as wide as ever: Indian history; the role of Chatham House; a lecture on international relations in historical perspective; nineteenth-century Cairo: Conan Doyle; Sixties' Britain (two essays); Thomas Hardy as a poet; Eric Blair (aka George Orwell); Glasgow in the 1950s; the problem of drink; Paul Scott's Raj Quartet, Churchill's Zionism; Julian Amery; the West Indian Federation; Gertrude Bell; the historian Trevor-Roper and Scotland; a comparative study of Britain's and America's empires.
Some time before 64 years and four months ago, Eric Blair wrote an essay about the misuse of words in public discussion.
After Eric Blair returned from Paris in the spring of 1928, he began tramping that autumn through the metropolitan area of London and his native Southwold.
Down And Out In Paris And London' is an autobiographical work by Orwell, whose real name was Eric Blair, split into two parts, on the theme of poverty in the two capital cities.
1 2011 - This is the year that producers of the Big Brother reality show decide to sue the estate of Eric Blair, otherwise known by his pen-name of George Orwell.
National Security Agency--kept its eyes on a different target: the democratic socialist writer Eric Blair, known to the police by his nom de plume "Mr.
But despite his dress sense and Leftist leanings, MI5 did not consider Orwell - who is referred to by his birth name of Eric Blair throughout the file - as holding orthodox Communist views.
Oxford-educated Will, 45, will spend at least a month where Orwell, known to locals by realname Eric Blair, wrote the classic novel 1984.
Tolkien, born in South Africa in 1892, and writer George Orwell, born Eric Blair in Bengal, can be found among the records that can be searched free of charge.
George Orwell - born Eric Blair - conveys his bemusement at the infighting among the factions which made up the militia.
As was usual, the children were sent home to England, where, after a posh preparatory school, young Eric Blair won a scholarship to, of all schools, Eton.
IT is nearly one hundred years since the birth of Eric Blair, better known to us as George Orwell, perhaps the most clear-eyed analyst of the twentieth century.
Writer Eric Blair, better known as George Orwell, is born.