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officinarum species and three Erianthus arundinaceus F4 innovative parental clones, were collected from the sugarcane germplasm nursery of South China Agricultural University (Table 1).
nummularia, Eleusine compressa, Dalbergia sissoo, Erianthus sp, Capparis decidua, Panicum antidotale and Saccharum sp.
Tanaoceroidea 5 Tanaoceridae Tanaocerus Proscopioidea 6 Proscopiidae * Orienscopia 7 # Paraproscopia 8 Stiphra Eumastacoidea 9 Chorotypidae Erianthinae Erianthus 10 Eruciinae Erucius 11 Episactidae Espagnolinae Antillacris 12 Espagnolopsis 13 Espagnolina 14 Tainacris 15 Episactinae Episactus 16 Eumastacidae Eumastacinae Eumastax 17 [section]Homeomastax 18 H.
Thirty genotypes, representing three genera namely Saccharum, Miscanthus, and Erianthus were used in the study (Table 1).
Erianthus, the Theban, gave his vote to pull down the city, and turn the country into sheep-pasture; yet afterwards, when there was a meeting of the captains together, a man of Phocis, singing the first chorus in Euripides's Electra, which begins "Electra, Agamemnon's child, I come/ Unto thy desert home" they were all melted with compassion, and it seemed to be a cruel deed to destroy and pull down a city which had been so famous, and produced such men.
Three subtypes of Bottomland Oak Flats were evident (Figure 1): somewhat open-canopied sites on slight mounds with a dense ground layer dominated by Erianthus strictus Baldw.
cDNA-SRAP and its application in differential gene expression analysis: a case study in Erianthus arundinaceum.
Erianthus angustifolius Nees = Saccharum angustifolium (Nees) Trin.
horridum; Andropogon ternatus; Choloris polydactyla; Schizachyrium microstachyum; Aristida laevis; Piptochaetiu montevidensis e Erianthus sp.
En el estrato herbaceo es muy abundante Stipa ichu, Stipa ten uissima, Stipa speciosa, Aristida mendocina, Bromus brevis, Elymus erianthus, Sphaeralcea mendocina, Baccharis trimera, entre otras (Tabla 1).
The species exhibited comparatively low prevalence were Circium arvense, Dactyloctenium aegyptium, Erianthus munja, Polygonum barbatum, Rumex nepalensis and Datura alba (40% each) (Table 1).