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goddess of death and consort of Nergal

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was part of the story; Ereshkigal is the dark sister.
The jealous and vengeful Ereshkigal fastens the evil eye of death on her
It is possible she was in a brothel, a sort of queen of brothels but my favourite explanation is that she was Ereshkigal.
Dumuzi (el Tammuz biblico) que fue arrojado al mundo de los muertos por venganza de su esposa Inanna fue un ingrato, no tuvo misericordia ante la suerte de Inanna cuando visito a su hermana Ereshkigal, la diosa del inframundo.
En el espacio cosmico inferior esta el inframundo, el lugar de los muertos, del no-retorno, tambien ahi hay jerarquias, sus dos deidades principales son Ereshkigal (hermana de Inanna) y su esposo Nergal, que vivian en un palacio, acompanados de deidades que cayeron en desgracia, los anunnaki que emiten su juicio sobre los muertos.
Ereshkigal was pregnant, although she had lost her husband to death.
Ereshkigal stared at her with the eyes of death, leaving her corpse to hang upon a peg until it became a piece of rotting meat.
She was imprisoned there, and the gods were powerless to help her, until Ea fashioned a hermaphroditic creature called Asushu - Namir and sent it armed with magic spells against Ereshkigal.
22) The British Museum staff accepts the last assertion, according to a 2004 British Newsroom report on the Internet, where it is suggested that the female figure on the plaque may represent Ereshkigal, Ishtar's sister who ruled the underworld.
Ereshkigal, although dominant, is depicted as incomplete without a male, typical of the lot of women in the society as a whole.
CAD S, 273-74; note especially Namtar's ascent to heaven by way of a simmelat samami (stairway of heaven) as described in the "Myth of Nergal and Ereshkigal," v 13' and 42', and restored in i 53' and iv 26 (0.