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Looking at the contemporary poems La Araucana, Ercilla's historical epic of the Spanish conquest of Chile, and The Fairie Queene, Spenser's heroic romance of knights and damsels, Moore argues that the same key classical images the poets appropriated have dramatically different significance in different contexts, and thus reveal much about the societies and literary praxes in which they are embedded.
Em linhas gerais, a editora Ercilla foi fundada em abril de 1932, com uma atuacao fundamentalmente relacionada a edicao, em pequena escala, de livros.
Alonso de Ercilla y Zuniga nacio en Madrid, el 7 de agosto de 1533 y murio en la misma ciudad el 29 de noviembre de 1594.
Stay at the four-star Hotel Ercilla, a stylish hotel in the heart of Bilbao, just 10 minutes walk from the Guggenheim museum.