Eranthis hyemalis

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small Old World perennial herb grown for its bright yellow flowers which appear in early spring often before snow is gone

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OK, this week's offer is a bit of a cheat, but winter aconites, or Eranthis hyemalis, will give you the look of summer wildflowers upon glossy green foliage from January through to March.
ANNE ROWLANDS VIA EMAIL HI ANNE, Yes this is Eranthis hyemalis, the winter aconite.
Eranthis Hyemalis (Winter Aconite) A charming little plant that will bring sunny yellow cupshaped flowers to your garden from late winter onwards.
There are two main species, Eranthis cilica and the better known Eranthis hyemalis.
WITH buttercup-like flowers on glossy green foliage from January to March, winter aconites, or Eranthis hyemalis, can really cheer up a garden.
The tubular yellow flowers cover the whole scrambling mass from early autumn to late winter and are the perfect addition to the Winter Aconite, Eranthis Hyemalis.