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Don't forget you can also plant potted bulbs just coming into flower, such as snowdrops and eranthis, sometimes referred to as winter aconite.
Hypolepidaceae) 1 3 57 Winteraconite Eranthis hymalis L.
Embryo development in ripe seeds of Eranthis hiemahis and its relation to gibberellic acid.
Eranthis Hyemalis (Winter Aconite) A charming little plant that will bring sunny yellow cupshaped flowers to your garden from late winter onwards.
Eranthis, winter aconites, provide glowing basal colour around hellebores - the bright yellow flowers with their green ruffs adding interest.
ANNE ROWLANDS VIA EMAIL HI ANNE, Yes this is Eranthis hyemalis, the winter aconite.
WITH buttercup-like flowers on glossy green foliage from January to March, winter aconites, or Eranthis hyemalis, can really cheer up a garden.
If you wish, add other rodent- and deer-resistant bulbs such as blue squill, eranthis, chionodoxa, snowdrops and snowflakes, together with ornamental onions.
ERANTHIS The winter aconite produces stunning bright yellow star-shaped flowers in deepest winter, each surrounded by a pretty, bright green ruff.