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Synonyms for mortgage

to give or deposit as a pawn

Words related to mortgage

a conditional conveyance of property as security for the repayment of a loan

put up as security or collateral

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Celebrity Financial, Inc./Midwest Equity Mortgage have announced Scotty Pickle has been named as a Regional Manager, the company said.
You may find that when you wish to borrow money to pay off the shared equity mortgage, the value of the house is insufficient to allow you to borrow all the money you need.
This helps clients to purchase a new build property through a shared equity mortgage. Under the scheme the client will have an 80 per cent share of the equity with the government holding the remaining 20 per cent.
Figures from housing investment and shared equity mortgage provider Castle Trust show that regional variations mean there is a 10% gap between the highest and lowest proportion spent on mortgages - from 22.4% in Northern Ireland to 32.1% in the South East.
Sean Oldfield, chief executive officer of housing investment and shared equity mortgage provider Castle Trust, said: "Even with mortgage rates well below their historic average, mortgage payments represent a significant proportion of a household's monthly spending, with major differences from region to region.
Whitley has 22 years of financial experience and owned Union Equity Mortgage from 2001-08.
They also propose promoting "equity mortgage schemes" and increasing the local authorities' powers over second homes.
Borrow from a home equity mortgage and use the proceeds to pay off the life insurance loan (assuming that payments on the home equity mortgage would be deductible).
We find that among nonprime borrowers, the default probability of an outstanding negative equity mortgage is two to three times as high as that of a positive equity borrower.
At Fort Mitchell, Ky--based The Drees Co., every employee, including those working for its First Equity Mortgage operations, is compensated based on customer satisfaction ratings derived from questionnaires that ask buyers to assess Drees' follow-up, the accuracy of its information, and whether it treated them professionally Most important, buyers are asked if they'd recommend Drees to a friend.
However, since then he has bounced back from debts of pounds 30,000 - having been caught in the negative equity mortgage trap - to being worth an estimated pounds 45m thanks to his success with a number of companies, the latest being The Gadget Shop and Birthdays.
The Bank of America (three ads, two minutes and fifteen seconds) and nasally infuriating Ray Vincent of American Equity Mortgage (three ads, two minutes) were tops among financial ads.
If an existing mortgage is refinanced after October 13, 1987, for more than the existing mortgage, that part that exceeds the existing mortgage balance is a home equity mortgage. A mixed-use mortgage will result if it qualifies as both home acquisition and home equity debt.
Global Banking News-November 21, 2018-Celebrity Financial/Midwest Equity Mortgage appoints VP of sales