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Synonyms for equity

Synonyms for equity

the state, action, or principle of treating all persons equally in accordance with the law

Synonyms for equity

the difference between the market value of a property and the claims held against it

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the ownership interest of shareholders in a corporation

conformity with rules or standards

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Because private equity favors investments in areas where a market has been displaced, the property/casualty market has been a popular investment choice in recent years.
This Statement concludes the first phase of the Board's redeliberations of the Exposure Draft, Accounting for Financial Instruments with Characteristics of Liabilities, Equity, or Both.
In the NMTC program, credits are available only on the equity that taxpayers invest in the CDE; thus, the investors will likely require an additional economic return besides the credits, as well as a substantial return of capital at the end of the investment period.
A financial holding company may not under this subpart acquire or control assets, other than debt or equity securities or other ownership interests in a company, unless:
Since business backers are selective, only the chosen few will receive private equity capital.
There's no shortage of companies trolling for private equity limited partners to provide affordable, timely financing to upgrade production equipment, expand capacity, acquire businesses, reduce debt load, position the firm for sale, or enable it to buy out an ownership stake.
Establishing that VRPs are equity instruments is absolutely essential for obtaining the 70-percent or 80-percent DRD.
Our initial proposal was based on a considerable amount of information and experience regarding the current equity investment activities of securities firms and large banking organizations.
Above-average equity allocations will slip toward average, then below, as the group's risk tolerance falls.
The LLC makes periodic preferred equity payments to the MIPS holders with the cash it receives from the parent's interest payment.
This study examines the economic foundations of the private equity market and discusses in detail the market's organizational structure.
Private equity investment capital is now available to small and large companies in nearly every industry.