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Looking into the new week, analysts at Cowry Asset, expect the local equities market to close marginally in green territory as the euphoria of the listing of the telecoms giant is likely to be sustained.
"Equities markets were down in Asia including here in the PSE as worries that a rise in tensions between Washington and Beijing could ruin the chances of a trade deal.
Citadel Securities is a retail equities market maker, executing approximately 14% of US consolidated volume in listed equities and 34% of US retail equities volume as well as approximately 21%3 of US-listed equity options volume.
They bought shares worth $286.54 million, or Rs 1,732.29 crore, on Sep 4, they poured in Rs 1,314.71 crore, or $216.91 million in the Indian equities markets. The NSDL data further showed that the FPIs, continued their buying spree on Sep 2 and Sep 3 when they invested $144.05 million and $91.91 million respectively in the markets here.
14 October 2013 - Expanding its research and analysis coverage of the Canadian equities markets New York-based TABB Group said it has published two new research studies on Canadian financial issues.
In an uncertain equities market, hedge funds can generate an attractive return without incurring needlessly high risks.
equities market. But supporters say narrower spreads will increase market efficiency, boost trading volume and improve liquidity.
After a heady period of "free capital," the equities market in dot-coms will continue correcting over the next six to 12 months.
THE Nigerian equities market on Friday closed the last trading session of the week in green as the benchmark index gained 0.81 per cent to close at 32,715.20 basis points on gains in Banking, Oil and Gas counters, to drive Week-to-Date (WTD) returns up 3.76 per cent.
The rupee on Friday touched an all-time low of 62.03 to a dollar, spooking the equities market and dragging the Sensex down to 18,621.39 in the afternoon.
The switch from bonds into equities could provide additional stimulus to the equities market. Since no reversal is expected in economic indicators until the third quarter of 2012, the rally is likely to continue, although higher than average returns are no longer anticipated.
There is a great deal of interest in investing in the equities market, simply because alternative investments are not generating the type of rtun that investors are looking for.
Some studies have examined required margins in the equities market, others in the markets for financial futures; they have found the size of the required margins generally to be more than minimally adequate to protect participants from loss.