Equatorial Guinea

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a country of west central Africa (including islands in the Gulf of Guinea)

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The following brief, panoramic view of Equatorial Guinean literature shows that many writers revisit key places and spaces of the past and present (material and nonmaterial) to give sense to the fragmented collective memory of Equatorial Guineans.
In Chapter Seven, "Exiles Stay at Home," Ugarte interrogates the notion of "inner exile," suggesting that the repressive regime of Macias coupled with the dictatorial history of Spanish colonizers provided the impetus for an anticolonial literature to emerge among Equatorial Guineans who migrated as well as those who did not leave the country.
Unfortunately for Equatorial Guineans, as they suffered from the Macias repression, so, too, did their country's economy; it suffered from depression, as the Europeans who played an important role in sustaining the economy by providing skilled manpower and capital left the country.
Companies are encouraged to involve Equatorial Guineans in their businesses.
We work hand in hand with the Government and that is crucial because we rely financially on the Equatorial Guinean government.
Today a growing number of Equatorial Guineans go to study in the US.
Biyogo says between 500 and 800 Americans live in Equatorial Guinea, while only 100 to 150 Equatorial Guineans - mainly students - live in the United States.