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Synonyms for feminism

female emancipation


Synonyms for feminism

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SISTERS IN THE FAITH: SHAKER WOMEN AND THE EQUALITY OF THE SEXES uses an archive packed with primary documents to support discussions of how and why women joined the Shakers and how they were perceived by those outside their community.
If the trend in the ratio imbalance continues without something to intervene, it will put at risk the equality of the sexes, the development of girls, the lawful interests and rights of women and the nation's long-term development," Lin added.
Sisters in the faith; Shaker women and equality of the sexes.
The new text, drafted by members of Moroccan society; from the private sector, universities, religious organizations and civil society, "radically alters Morocco's system of governance, providing increasing power to elected government (including the Prime Minister), establishes the equality of the sexes and improves civil liberties.
Her essays, 'Desultory Thoughts' and 'On the Equality of the Sexes,' provide the basis for our understanding of Republican Motherhood.
Globally, the fight for equality of the sexes has barely begun.
All down through history, tradition has said "no" to equality of the sexes and the races.
In this symposium, philosophers, lawyers, theologians, economists, and sociologists from both Europe and America develop and apply the perspectives of the late Holy Father to their various fields of study, focusing especially on the equality of the sexes, the significance of sexual differences, the purpose and challenges of heterosexual marriage, the Pope's "new feminism," and the role of women in contemporary society.
The other area in which I seem to have stepped back a few decades is in equality of the sexes.
I'm all for equality of the sexes, but what has happened to common sense?
Boosting the quality of jobs for women and reducing violence against women are two of the recommendations made by the European Parliament to improve equality of the sexes.
He also created 60s Beatnik chic; a black leather jacket and knit turtleneck with high boots, and sleek trousersuits that underlined Saint Laurent's statement on the equality of the sexes.
THE NEW bad girl generation of hard-drinking ladette louts is a disastrous result of equality of the sexes.
The books were selected from among hundreds, meeting the criteria for most effectively addressing themes or topics that promote peace, justice, world community, and/or equality of the sexes and all races.
It was founded 60 years ago by a group of women who struck an early blow for equality of the sexes.
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