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Synonyms for Episcopalian

a member of the Episcopal church

of or pertaining to or characteristic of the Episcopal church

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Though not celebrated by all Christian denominations, the tradition is popular in Catholic, Episcopalian and some other Protestant traditions.
The chief difference is that most priests who became Catholic under the 1980 provision entered into full Catholic communion as individuals (albeit often with their wives and perhaps their children), while applicants for the new ordinariate are ordinarily former Episcopal priests who are accompanied by a group of former lay Episcopalians who share their desire to reconcile with the Catholic church.
Glenn Robins also takes aim at the captivity historiography with his new study of Leonidas Polk, arguing that Episcopalians have also shaped the region's past.
And in a broader sense, many Episcopalians view the whole conflict as another incident in Anglicanism's complex history as a via media (or middle way) between the Catholic Church and evangelical Protestant denominations.
From 1940 to 1985 United Methodists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, and Congregationalists continued to stand by helplessly as Southern Baptist and Pentacostal membership swelled from 7.
Perhaps as many as 200 to 300 female deacons were ordained, but the Methodists, the two Presbyterian bodies, and the American Baptists ordained significantly more women to the office of deacon, and the Episcopalian church was ordaining women to be elders or priests.
Susan Russell, president of Integrity, the Episcopalian nonprofit that fights for inclusion of gays and lesbians in the church.
The Scottish Episcopalian minister said he got the address automatically when he applied to his service provider virgin.
This branch of the Bush family, except for Barbara, has been Episcopalian for a long, long time.
A VOTE on the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopalian church in the US was put off last night after he was accused of being a "skirt chaser".
The Weaver of legend attended one high Episcopalian service annually; in fact, he not only attended Episcopalian services in Chicago, but Presbyterian and Methodist services in Weaverville.
In the face of state indifference and helplessness, initiatives often tend to come from the grass roots -- the Pueblo Nuevo Community Group (founded by an Episcopalian priest in 1929) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the area's physical and social circumstances.
Though Madison was from an Episcopalian family, the influence of his Presbyterian tutor and university schooling gave Madison little interest in denominational squabbles.
The Episcopalian preacher learned his act at a summer camp in the Lake District while studying for the ministry.
John the Divine, apparently a liberal institution that has opened its arms to New York's gay Episcopalian community.