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an autonomous branch of the Anglican Communion in Scotland

United States church that is in communication with the see of Canterbury

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Bishop Mark Strange, primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, said in a statement that the decision "was ours to take as a self-governing province of the Anglican Communion," but that he recognized it has caused "some hurt and anger in parts of the Anglican Communion.
According to the sanctions, the Episcopal church cannot represent the communion at the April meeting or vote on doctrine and polity.
The Episcopal Church, a denomination based in New York, was the church of many of the Founding Fathers and todayAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA boasts about 1.
At issue in Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Virginia v.
They have also called for assurances from the US Episcopal Church that it will not authorise public blessing services for gay couples and that it should create a system for episcopal oversight for congregations that disagree with the church's liberal leadership.
Without Anglican fellowship, the Episcopal Church risks becoming just another homegrown sect like Christian Science.
Other predominantly African American denominations also began to publish hymns in the 19th century, including the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church (1838); The African Union Church (1839); the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church (1891); and The Church of Christ Holiness (1899).
The winner of our Specialty Category Episcopal Church Home--Memory Care Center of Excellence, in Louisville, Ky.
Wright provided hope to the masses through his work with the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
She makes one point, however, with which I would strongly disagree: "It was the Episcopal Church in the North that most vocally opposed slavery in the years before the Civil War.
John The Divine Episcopal Church in Springfield last month to pursue opening his own church - The Fellowship of the Living Word - with another retired rector.
The Episcopal Church Home, a 180-bed, not-for-profit long-term care facility in Rochester, New York, developed a program designed to address this issue.
Senior Bishop Nathaniel Lindsey, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Insiders believe many rank-and-file members will baulk at the "Catholic" traditions within the Episcopal Church.
The new denomination, which calls itself the Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA (PECUSA), says it is the true heir of the Anglican tradition in the U.
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