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chilensis showed a high degree of epiphytism, principally detected through the abundant presence of brown filamentous algae.
They suggest that epiphytism may have accelerated speciation by increasing the ability of bromeliads to colonize along the length of the Andes, allowing bromeliads to occupy a cloud-forest landscape punctuated frequently by drier valleys.
Our capture results suggest that this species inhabits the interior of small and mid-sized fragments of secondary forest that have a high degree of epiphytism and great abundance of individuals of Arecaceae, Araceae and Piperaceae families.
Whereas the fossil record seemed to suggest that ferns experienced three distinct pulses of species diversification, the Duke team's analysis shows that there was a fourth, roughly corresponding with the development of epiphytism.
Diversity, phenomenology and epidemiology of epiphytism in farmed Gracilaria chilensis (Rhodophyta) in northern Chile.
The disappearance of some of these horizons occurs very slowly and is the result of pressure from another species, which becomes dominant through epiphytism or predation.
In the marine environment, epiphytism has not been widely studied, in contrast to the hundreds of papers on hard-surface fouling processes.
Morphological and anatomical features associated with epiphytism among the pleurocarpous mosses one basis for further research on adaptations and their evolution.
Hietz & Briones (1997) studied the adaptations to epiphytism of Pleopeltis mexicana (Fee) Mickel & Beitel.