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Sampling methods for vascular epiphytes: their effectiveness in recording species richness and frequency.
A comprehensive checklist of vascular epiphytes of the Atlantic forest reveals outstanding endemic rates.
Total biomass of epiphytes (see Subsection 2.5) on P.
Hence, in addition to the structural variables of the trees (DBH, height of tree, relative height of the lowest branch, number of epiphytes on the trunk, number of epiphytes in the crown, number of holes in the trunk, and number of holes within the crown), we were able to include instar, and vapor pressure deficit at 28 m above ground during the hour of spider encounter.
Cornelissen, "Distribution and ecology of vascular epiphytes in lowland rain forest of Guyana," Biotropica, vol.
Tapinoma litorale Wheeler (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Dolichoderinae) (sometimes misspelled as littorale) is a small, inconspicuous New World ant that commonly nests in plant cavities, particularly in epiphytes and hollow grass stems and twigs.
The nutritional status of Encyclia tampensis and Tillandsia circinata, on Taxodium ascendens, and the availability of nutrients to epiphytes on this host in south Florida.
To overcome drought these epiphytes have evolved anatomical (Benzing, 1980; Adams and Martin, 1986) and physiological adaptations (e.g.
Vascular epiphytes are characteristic and distinctive components of tropical forests and they have attracted the attention of researchers since Schimper (1888) published the first monograph on Neotropical epiphytes.
Thus, most Oncidium species are epiphytes, although some are lithophytes or terrestrials.
Bremen likes to make the threat more tangible by telling visitors about epiphytes, tiny white-shelled creatures that thrive on blades of sea grass, which perish when carbon dioxide levels rise dramatically--a fact that may not seem terribly important until he goes on to explain that sea turtles and manatees feast on sea grass, relying on the nutrients from epiphytes and other often-overlooked species.
Aguirre A, Guevara R, Garcia M, Lopez JC (2010) Fate of epiphytes on phorophytes with different architectural characteristics along the perturbation gradient of Sabal mexicana forests in Veracruz, Mexico.