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middle part of the Stone Age beginning about 15,000 years ago

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The excavation began in early June and the finds brought to light so far, mainly stone tools of a high quality, are from the Epipaleolithic Period approximately 14,000 years ago.
HAWS, Jonathan Adams, An investigation of late Upper Paleolithic and epipaleolithic hunter-gatherer subsistence and settlement patterns in central Portugal.
(1988): "Study of Upper Palaeolithic and Epipaleolithic engraved pebbles".
Nutzel notes that there was an absence of Epipaleolithic archaeological sites north of the 34[degrees] latitude during the Late Glacial Maximum.
(2002b): "Big Game and Small Prey: Paleolithic and Epipaleolithic Economy in the Spanish Mediterranean Facade", Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory.
ABSTRACT: The Azilian, the end of a long process that had its heyday during the Magdalenian period, offers a new direction in technological, economic and symbolic formulations, paving the path that leads towards the so-called Epipaleolithic or Mesolithic.