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characterized by incomplete metamorphosis

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Since each q [member of] Q is a regular epimorphism, it is the coequalizer of some pair of morphisms.
2]-filt, then we get the associated graded epimorphism preserving the degree i.
In case D is the class of all epimorphisms (monomorphisms) of B we say that A is epireflective (monoreflective) in B.
On the other hand, since (l, [LAMBDA]) is an epimorphism, we have ([j.
A split epimorphism f: A [right arrow] B with given splitting s: B [right arrow] A in a Jonsson-Tarski variety is a Schreier split epimorphism when, for every a [member of] A, there exists a unique [alpha] in the kernel N of f such that a = [alpha] + sf (a).
2 Suppose that f | X [right arrow] Y is an epimorphism of B-algebra.
Equivalently, E is a short exact sequence, iff Ima = Kerb , a being a monomorphism and b being an epimorphism.
An injective homomorphism is called monomorphism, a surjective homomorpism is called epimorphism and a bijective homomorphism is called isomorphism.
r)], for 1 [less than or equal to] u [less than or equal to] r, defined by the vector bundle epimorphism [P.
We assume that f : X [approaches] B is a fibration with H* (X; Z/(p)) concentrated in even dimensions and that g induces an epimorphism on mod p cohomology.
Moreover, there is a canonical ring epimorphism from r(H) onto [G.
Epimorphism, monomorphism, isomorphism, endomorphism and automorphism of [phi] have the same definitions as those of the classical cases.
1](G) is an ([alpha],[beta])-fuzzy subalgebra of X, (ii) Let f be epimorphism.
prime^ induces a rational epimorphism between the higher homotopy groups of two finite type targets, and X is a finite type domain, then
The canonical epimorphism H [right arrow] Q denoted by h [?