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Para la determinacion se siguieron los metodos clasicos de taxonomia, se contrasto el material con imagenes digitales del lectotipo (LINN-486.3) de Jstor Plant Science (http://plants.jstor.org/) y se consulto bibliografia nacional (Dimitri, 1972; Hoch, 1988; Flora Argentina, 2017; Zuloaga et al., 2017) y extranjera (Raven, 1967; Solomon, 1982; Nieto Feliner, 1997; Akbari & Azizian, 2007; Magee & Ahles, 2007; Wagner et al., 2007; Chen et al., 2007; Romero, 2011; Flora of Pakistan, 2017a) relacionada al genero Epilobium. El material de referencia que documenta el trabajo realizado fue depositado en el Herbario institucional, Agronomia Region Comahue (ARC) de la Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias, Universidad Nacional del Comahue (Thiers, 2018).
Oenothein B's contribution to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity of Epilobium sp.
Many plants classed as weeds are incredibly beautiful in their own right such as cow parsley, native grasses, buttercups and rosebay willow herb (epilobium angustifolium), often seen clothing railway embankments.
In self-replacement succession, the same species within the pre-fire community re-establish after the disturbance, whereas relay floristics succession occurs in interior Alaskan plant communities when the herbaceous (e.g., Epilobium spp., Oxytropis spp.) understory dominates immediately after fire, followed by shrub and deciduous tree establishment.
425), or even in the ostensibly empirical notes, in which Darwin represents the insemination of a passive female: "the female of the epilobium angustifolium, rose bay willow herb, bends down amongst the males for several days, and becomes upright again, when impregnated" (I.
In recent times, Epilobium brachycarpum was also recorded in other parts of Andalucia, e.g.
9 - Epilobium Canum STARTING % PLOT HxW ENDING HxW CHANGE 1A 5.4/9.2 10/16.6 85.2/80.4 1B 6/9.6 10.9/15.8 81.7/64.6 2A 5.8/8.8 12.9/17.7 118.6/112.5 2B 6.4/8.6 11.3/17.8 76.6/106.9 3A 5.75/6.4 9/15.4 56.5/140.3 3B 5.1/7.7 9.3/12.7 82.4/64.9 4A 5.2/6.7 9.5/16.5 82.7/146.3 4B 6.1/7.8 9.9/14.7 62.3/88.5 Plant No.
Furthermore, a pattern of a higher fruit production in the central zone of the raceme, as observed in Myrosmodes cochleares, Epilobium dodonaei, and E.
and Picea x fennica (Regel) Kom.), evergreen plants (Vaccinium vitisidaea L.), deciduous shrubs (Vaccinium myrtillus L.), tussock grasses (Carex contigua Hoppe), raceme-root (Epilobium hirsutum L., Plantago major L.), and tuber-forming (Scrophularia nodosa L., Stachys palustris L.) polycarpics are among the most rare biomorphes.
graminifolius aerial part is more than many herbs including Petroselinum sativum (0.144 mg*[g.sup.-1]), Glycyrrhiza glabra (0.153 mg*[g.sup.-1]), Epilobium hirsutum (0.231 mg-g- ), Salvia officinalis (0.074 mg*[g.sup.-1]), Ginkgo biloba (0.398 mg*[g.sup.-1]), Origanum majoricum (0.104 mg*[g.sup.-1]), Poliomintha longiflora (0.081 mg*[g.sup.-1]), Thymus vulgaris (0.117 mg*[g.sup.-1]), Rosmarinus officinalis (0.029 mg*[g.sup.-1]), and Polygonum aviculare (0.215 mg*[g.sup.-1]).
Thirteen native plant species were identified as having the highest constancy and cover: Achillea millefolium; Allium spp.; Anaphalis margaritacea; Epilobium brachycarpum; Eriogonum spp.; Fragaria virginiana; Lupinus spp.; Poa pratensis; Poa secunda; Polygonum douglassi; Potentilla gracilis; Pseudoroegneria spicata; and Sedum stenopetalum.
Chenopodium spp., Cirsium spp., Epilobium spp., Galinsoga cilicata, Senecio vulgaris, etc.