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Synonyms for seizure

Synonyms for seizure

the act of catching, especially a sudden taking and holding

the act of taking something for oneself

a seizing and holding by law

the act of taking quick and forcible possession of

a sudden and often acute manifestation of a disease

Synonyms for seizure

a sudden occurrence (or recurrence) of a disease

the act of taking of a person by force

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Leanne had a dangerously long epileptic fit, known as a status seizure, while staying in London last September.
A note with the chocolates said: "To the very pretty lady, strawberry blonde hair in a ponytail and dark black haired gentleman with moustache (I think) - Stratford-upon-Avon 9th September lunch time outside Lakeland attending seizure/ epileptic fit.
It was reported that Wayne fainted due an "adrenaline crash", but he has now told the Mirror it was his first epileptic fit.
Newcastle Crown Court heard Law knew she was at risk of having an epileptic fit before she got in the car.
Hannah Patmore, 14, has suffered from polymorphic seizure disorder ever since she was just two years old after she began having epileptic fits.
Phone stolen from epileptic fit victim, 19 A CALLOUS thief, who stole a phone from a Solihull teenager as he suffered an epileptic fit, is being hunted by police.
Johannesburg, Aug 18 ( ANI ): Pakistani wicketkeeper-batsman Umar Akmal has reportedly been ruled out of his side's upcoming tour to Zimbabwe after he suffered an epileptic fit while playing for Barbados in the inaugural Caribbean Premier League (CPL).
At the time I didn't realise that Miss Hall's daughter had recently suffered from an epileptic fit.
The youngster was the only other person in the house when his mum Kate suffered an epileptic fit while she was sleeping.
HULL coach Richard Agar revealed that Kirk Yeaman suffered an epileptic fit at half-time of his side's 52-18 victory over Wakefield at the Rapid Solicitors Stadium.
Less than an hour before her wedding, she suffered an epileptic fit so severe it caused memory loss.
TWO sisters aged four and six saved their father's life by dialling 999 when he had an epileptic fit.
THE PARENTS of a six-year-old boy who died having an epileptic fit blame the NHS for his death.
A MIDLAND woman has died after suffering an epileptic fit in the bath.
A Birmingham man who collapsed while having an epileptic fit was robbed as he lay helpless on the pavement, police revealed yesterday.