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the study of ancient inscriptions

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These people may not have known the meaning of the monuments, as some of the stelae were found upside down," epigrapher Octavio Esparza Olguin from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, (http://news.
A further sign of continuity was the fact that until 1957 Dutch archaeologists, epigraphers and engineers carried on working for the Indonesian Archaeological Service, teaching at UI, UGM and Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), or researching in the field, and publishing in the Service's Berita.
But beginning in the 1960s, epigraphers have determined that the ancient Maya script was partly phonological and that it could reproduce the entire range of Maya speech.
Anthropologists, archeologists and epigraphers, among others, enhance the truly collaborative nature of both works.
Given the observations of two eminent epigraphers regarding the lettering, however, the possibility remains open of a passage in time between the inscribing of different groups of entries on the left lateral face, especially between those above line 111 and those below.
Today, brilliant work by a small band of epigraphers, has resulted in Maya hieroglyphic texts--once dismissed as indecipherable--becoming understood well enough to yield some narrative history.
But each year the school had a visiting professor, and in 1954 he was one of the greatest epigraphers of the century, Benjamin Meritt, the leader of a troika of scholars who had just finished one of this century's landmarks of American classical scholarship, a new publication of the Athenian Tribute Lists.
Epigraphers think people once stood in front of these monuments chanting the names of their number gods, hoping to influence divine intervention in their lives.
Some earlier epigraphers proposed other meanings (including Christ-Michael-Gabriel), but a scholarly consensus has been reached.
Modem Maya epigraphers have established the identities and compelling narratives about royal personages in stelae.
Kearsley on the Imperial cult at the city, the provincial highpriesthood, and the Asiarchy strike a chord of interest for New Testament researchers no less than for ancient historians and epigraphers.
To the layperson, the translation work seems as much magic as science, but epigraphers now believe they can "read" (get the general meaning of) 85 percent of the inscriptions.
But fellow epigraphers will forgive an author almost any sin if he provides us a good list.
The discovery of "Ancient Egypt" was made, not by Egyptians, but by the 164 scientist, mathematicians, naturalists, engineers, architects, antiquarians, epigraphers of the "Commission des Sciences et des Arts," enlisted by General Bonaparte for his momentous expedition to Egypt in 1789.
In the 5th century AD, the Buddhist monk Hwui Shan left China, sailed across the "Great Eastern Sea," and gave an account of the exploration of Fu-Sang, which devoted epigraphers now consider is western North America.